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TFI Tours exists to provide all of our travelers with a wonderfully positive life-changing experience as they travel through Israel.

Since our inception, TFI has been privileged to make annual trips to Israel, bringing hundreds of people to the Land of the Bible. These trips have been an absolutely life-changing experience for so many who have participated. We visit many of the major Biblical sites and learn of the historical significance as well as the Biblical relevance of each location. In addition to that, we go behind-the-scenes and visit many places that a typical tour will not go (such as bringing gifts to children at an Underprivileged Children’s Center, attending a Torah teaching by an orthodox Rabbi and experience how Jewish people study the Word, etc).

Not only does TFI host an annual tour of the Holy Land, but we also partner with churches and ministries who are interested in having us organize and tailor a tour specifically for them.

Thanks so much for checking out our site. If you’d like to join us on one of our schedule tours or if you’d like us to partner with you and put a tour together for you and your organization, please select one of the options below to connect with us:


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